Pilgrim in state of Ihram

Pilgrim in state of Ihram

Bathe yourself (ghusl).

Put on the white clothing of Ihram. The white garment of the Ihram consists of two pieces of white cloth: the cloth covering the upper part of the body is the Rida'; the cloth covering the lower part of the body is the Izar.

After donning the white garment of Ihram and verbally declaring the intention to perform Umrah or a specific type of Hajj, recite the Talbiyah.

Now that you are in a state of Ihram, you are subject to a number of prohibitions. You must not:

- wear sewn clothes

- cut or pluck hair

- clip nails

- cover your head

- wear perfume

- engage in sexual intercourse

Other prohibitions include entering into a marriage contract, hunting, or cutting down trees in the Sacred Precinct.