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Chapter 3 - Renewal or Cancellation of License

(Articles 14 - 16)

Article 14:

A license is valid for five renewable years. A license is considered completed at its expiry date unless it has been renewed

Article 15:

The Licensee must submit a renewal application to the Ministry at least 30 days before the expiry date of the license. Renewal applications must in all cases satisfy the following:

1. All the conditions required for license application

2. Payment of all fines imposed on the Licensee for any violations of the terms and rules stipulated in the Decree and By-law.

Article 16:

The license is considered null and void in the following cases:

1. Death or incompetence of the owner of the private institution/company if the license has been issued in the name of a private institution/company.

2. Liquidation or bankruptcy of the company if the license has been issued in the name of a private company, in which case the Director General, or the heirs of the private company's owner or their guardians, or the liquidators, must notify the Ministry within 30 days from the date of the liquidation or bankruptcy. The license can also be annulled by a decision approved by the Minister of Hajj in the following cases:

(a) Cancellation according to Article 7 of the Decree

(b) Relinquishment of the license by the Licensee

(c) If the license has not been amended according to the rules stipulated in Article 11 of this By-law.

(d) If the Licensee has not undertaken/carried out the services of the Mu'tamirun within one year from the date of the license.

(e) In case the Licensee has stopped carrying out the services of the Mu'tamirun for one complete year. Unless there are convincing reasons accepted by the Ministry, in which case the Licensee will be given an extension not exceeding six months. Failing to carry out the required activity, during the extension period, the license will automatically be cancelled.

(f) If the Licensee does not satisfy one of the conditions for obtaining the license, according to the rules and regulations of the Decree and of the By-law.