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Modernizing National Establishments for Hajj Affairs

Special local establishments are in charge of providing services to pilgrims. Such establishments have been called National Establishments for Hajj Affairs. They comprise:

- National Tawafa Establishments (circumambulating) which are six in number for international pilgrims

- The Unified Agents Office

- The National Guides Establishment

- The Unified Zamzamis Office

Their regulations are still not established and are only experimental.

The Ministry of Hajj is seeking to reconsider the structures of these establishments, and the legal frame that encompasses them, their manner of operation, their administration methods, their historical background and the revenues they realize, with a view to developing and fixing all this within the basic objective of serving the pilgrims, developing the standard of services, the manner of their provision, the possibility of variation of same and determining the identity of those establishments and the conditions for joining and working for same.