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Developing Service Sectors for Pilgrims and Umrah Performers

The number of Umrah performers from outside the Kingdom has exceeded 2,250,000 (two and a quarter millions). In addition to the Umrah Regulation that was issued under Resolution number 93, dated 10/6/1420 H. which was passed by the Council of Ministers, and the Bill of Implementation thereof, the Ministry of Hajj is seeking to:

- Raise the standard of the services that are provided to Umrah performers and visitors to the Prophet's Mosque, through realizing their desires to buy the services they wish, determining their levels, and paying the prices thereof in advance before their arrival in the Kingdom through agencies that are licensed to practice this activity.

- To guarantee the provision of the services bought by the Umrah performers, by ensuring they are securing for them, and, in case of failure to implement the items stipulated under the contracts they made, deducting money from the guarantees deposited with the Ministry.

- To develop the services needed by Umrah performers, such as the transport and hotel sector, in terms of quantity and quality, in order to accommodate the increasing number of Muslims who wish to perform the Umrah rituals.

- To give priority to Saudi transport companies, making sure that such companies are genuinely seeking to develop the Umrah industry.

- To ensure that all Umrah arrangements, including transport and residence reservation, as well as other services, shall be specified and registered with the Ministry of Hajj.

- To apply technology to all Umrah arrangements in order to secure accuracy and develop the infrastructure to meet all requirements.

- To ensure the Ministry's website shall be internationally credible and trusted for obtaining all information pertaining to Hajj and Umrah; that it should be visited by all who intend to perform Hajj or Umrah; and that it should be the international market for products pertaining to Hajj and Umrah.

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