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Expanding Capacity of the Holy Sites

The Ministry will address these matters through the following:

Making use of the remaining spaces and the versants of mountains at Mina for constructing multi-story buildings that would increase the capacity of Mina, which capacity is estimated to be one million pilgrims, in sophisticated uninflammable tents within Mina.

Confirming the concept that spending the night at Mina is an authentic duty. Specialist scholars have established that spending the eleventh and twelfth nights at Mina by men and women is a requirement; but if they find no place to stay there, they would be exempted from such requirement. But those who refrain from doing so for no excuse should make amends by slaughtering cattle.

The aim behind the confirmation of this concept is to persuade pilgrims to stay at the project of sophisticated tents established at Muzdalifah or to stay in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and commute to Mina.

Main reference point: