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Increasing the Efficiency of Movement in Mina

The site of Mina represents the area wherein pilgrims spend most of their time during the performance of their ceremonies of Tarwiyah Day (distribution of drinking water), Nahr Day and three days of Tashreeq.

This human multitude requires more facilities for their stay at Mina. The Ministry of Hajj will seek to improve the movement of pilgrims at Mina and to develop the services that are provided for them, through the following:

- Continuing the process of grouping pilgrims on their way to the bridge of jamarat (the location where stones are thrown), on the basis of a specific schedule to be developed by the Ministry in cooperation with the tawafa establishments, Hajj missions and through the use of the most up-to-date computer techniques for the purpose of enabling the pilgrims to cast the stones, without piling up, and securing their safety.

- Grouping pilgrims making their way to the slaughter houses to maximize efficiency.

- Setting up a local television network, that covers the Holy Sites and Makkah Al-Mukarramah, for educating pilgrims, in general, and for organizing the processes of grouping at the bridge of jamarat and slaughter houses, in particular.

- Establishing a public transport network within Mina, to ease the difficulty of reaching the bridge of jamarat for pilgrims residing at the outskirts of Mina, or the sophisticated tents that are erected at Muzdalifah.

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