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Application Requirements

1-a. Requests for operation are to be submitted to PCA by either the air carrier which is authorized by virtue of either a bilateral agreement provision, or a general sales agent or by ground handling services agent or a local authorized representative in cases of charter operation.

1-b. ATD-101 operation form should be filed.

1-c. Applications are to be send to the following address:

Presidency of Civil Aviation

Attn: Director Air Transport Department

P.O. Box 887, Jeddah 21165

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Telex: 601093 CIVAIR SJ

E-mail - [email protected]

1-d. Application for obtaining the slot allocation shall be filed no later than 19 Ramadan 1426H (22 October 2005).

1-e. Application shall be made on the appropriate approved form. Flight identification number must contain the three letter airline designator in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations in addition to the two letters assigned by International Air Transport Association (IATA), plus four digits numbered in sequence. Flight identification number is not to be repeated for the inbound and outbound phase; flights must carry different numbers.

1-f. Operations requests for both inbound and outbound phases shall contain the flight schedule (program) and each phase shall specify the date of operation. Flight number of both arrival and departure, type of aircraft, callsign and registration number, flight route, point of origin, destination, elapsed time in route, and Estimated Time of Arrival / Estimated Time of Departure (ETA/ETD) in Universal Time Coordinate (UTC time).