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Penalties for Violation

Compliance with the above regulations is mandatory to ensure the safety of all operators, air traffic and pilgrims and to maintain system efficiency. Therefore, enforcement of these regulations is essential. Any aircraft that does not conform to either the special specifications outline by the Aviation Safety or the technical requirements stated in the Kingdom's AIP, shall be subject to final exclusion and appropriate measures and penalties shall be taken against the operator. In the event of any violation, the following fines shall be imposed:

7-a. A fine will be applied on any air carrier whose flight arrives after the end of the fourth day of Dhu'l-Hijjah 1426H (4 January 2006). The fine amounts at a rate double the IATA published first class fare from point of origin to Jeddah per each pilgrim on board the flight unless the pilot, the operator's agent or representative holds written approval from PCA indicating a date and time of permitted landing.

7-b. All air carriers operating regular scheduled services, boarding pilgrims and arriving after the elapsed date of the inbound operations, the end of the fourth day of Dhu'l-Hijjah 1426H (4 January 2006), shall be fined SR200,000 per flight irrespective of the total pilgrim passengers onboard the flight.

7-c. A fine of SR100,000 is imposed against each aircraft enter the Saudi Airspace without prior permission. The aircraft will be seized at the airport until such time the fine is settled by a verified check paid to the order of PCA.

7-d. A fine not exceeding SR15,000 shall be imposed on any violation of traffic flow control systems. Any of the following practices is considered as a violation:

- Any Hajj flight arriving without obtaining a clearance number or a computer reservation number in the Clearance Flight System (CFS).

- Any unutilized authorized reservation, for both inbound and outbound with except of:

- bad weather conditions or force-majure.

- aircraft technical problems.

- emergency operational problems.

documents should be presented in event of above cases.

Received passengers luggage and leftover at airport's yard.

7-e. A fine amount of SR15,000 will be imposed on any air carrier delaying the return carriage of Pilgrims on its flight.

7-f. Any entity involved in pilgrims transportation by air delay or fails to submit the passenger manifest stated in para 3-f, will be subjected jointly with its agent to a fine equal to SR10,000 against each trip/flight.

7-g. A fine amount of SR2,500 will be imposed on the air carrier with joint responsibility of the local agent on each passenger arriving to the Kingdom without having a confirmed reservation on the return ticket, provided that such an imposed fine will not exceed SR100,000 for each flight.

7-h. All carriers as well as their agents are held responsible for implementing this regulations and payments of fines. In absence of local sales agents for charter carriage, the fines will be automatically deducted from the value of the bank guarantee stated in Para 5-a.

7-i. In the event the percentage of the left behind pilgrims reaches 2% out of the total actual pilgrims coming on the charter flights, the operator/air carrier of the charter operation will not be allowed to operate for one season. The PCA has the right to suspend the operation of such operator/air carrier totally under the condition such a violation is repeated in the next Hajj seasons.

7-j. The PCA has the right to imposed fines, ranging between SR10,000 - SR100,000 (not falling under the above categorization) on any carrier that violates this regulation or ICAO regulation as well as AIP rules.

Your cooperation and compliance with the above regulations in both inbound/outbound phases is solicited and will contribute greatly toward the implementation of a safe and efficient Hajj air traffic operation.