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Combine your passions with your vacation

Most people, who have normal, nine to five jobs, only get about three to four weeks of vacation per year – and that is if they are lucky. Many people have to do with only two, not because they don’t work overtime, or because of their boss. They might simply be working in a position that makes them irreplaceable. In any case, this means that for the biggest part of the year, you are working. Every day, when you come home, you have other things to take care of, especially if you have a big family that depends on you. There is bills to be paid and scraped knees to be brushed, and other problems that have arisen while you were at work dealing with other problems. So, you accumulate stress and only get about a month (if you are lucky) in the year to go on vacation. Which leaves you rested, of course, and you get plenty of benefits if you have traveled abroad or to an exotic location. But, what about your passions? What about your personal or religious interests? Below, we have taken a look at how you can combine your passions with your vacation – and come back to work both rested and rejuvenated.

Change the location

When we think of vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach, water, white sand and a lot of sunbathing. That is the first choice of most people in the world. It’s not surprising, considering the stress people take every day. However, if your passion is mountain climbing, why don’t you change the location this year, and go to the mountains instead of the beach? Even if you have family members who would prefer the beach, there are many beautiful resorts found in the mountains throughout the world – and yes, they have outdoor pools where your family members can enjoy the sun and the water. It’s not the beach, but it is a compromise, and mountains during the summer are beautiful. Moreover, most of them offer wi-fi so that you will remain connected to the rest of the world. For example, you would not miss any of the promotions or codes, if you are into online casino gaming.

Take trips to local archaeological spots

If you are into art, history, and archaeology, consider making trips to archaeological sites near the hotel or city you’ve chosen as your vacation destination. It is another way of compromising – you would get all the time in the sun you need, and familiarize yourself with the country’s culture, art, and history at the same time. Archaeological sites can be fascinating, and it would be a great shame not to visit them, even if you are not into archaeology and history.  The same goes for museums and art galleries. If there are museums near your vacationing location or local art galleries, you should make time to visit them. That way, you would both pursue your passion for art and history, while get to work on your tan at the same time and relax on the beach.

Consider religion

No matter what religion you belong to, you should always take the time to pursue it. If you are a believer, you should take the initiative to include religious pursuits during your holiday. For example, the most sacred pursuit of Muslims is the Hajj. Every year, there are thousands of people from all over the world who make the Hajj – the famous pilgrimage to Mecca, the holy city. In fact, recently, their number has grown to two million people. Including that kind of devotion in your vacationing time can help you rejuvenate, and make you time away from work quite fulfilling.

Expand your knowledge

Instead of traveling by yourself, or with your family, consider joining a group for a holiday, or hire a travel guide. When you travel with a group formed by a travel agency, you get two types of benefits: everything will be organized for you, and second, you will get to view the city where you are vacationing at with the help of a tour guide. The benefits of being in a group are quite many. You get to form new relationships, make new friends, and have people to rely on while you are on vacation. Seeing the city and the city’s best landmarks with the help of a tour guide will help you expand your knowledge of the city. You might even get discounts at restaurants, or the travel guide might take you to the most interesting cafes, and bars that you wouldn’t have discovered had you been on your own. Just make sure that the tour guide is approved by your agency, if you wish to hire him or her on your own, to prevent being scammed.

Photography projects

Today, most people have smartphones, take pictures and post them on social media platforms. For that reason, no one, besides photography enthusiasts, thinks to bring professional, or semi-professional cameras on their holidays. However, if photography is something you are fond of and find it interesting, you can turn your vacations into photography projects. Every holiday, you would bring your camera with you and try to catch the most interesting sights in a photograph. If you travel often, you can even consider running a travel blog where you can share your experience with others, or simply share a story for every photograph you take. Having a project like this will prompt you to visit more exotic places, visit juggles, chase beautiful sunsets and dawns. It will turn your vacation into something much greater than simply a period of rest and reflection. Moreover, people tend to focus on their work a lot when they are on vacation, worrying about the problems they left unsolved, or the problems that have piled up while they were away. But when you are focusing on something different during your holiday, you will not have time to worry about such matters. Best of all, you would be pursuing something you are passionate about, and as such, become a lot more positive and happier in your daily life.