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From road trips to no-limit slots

One of the most interesting things to notice, as we go through life, is how our tastes change, and the perfect vacation changes from an uncertain, exhilarating road trip to an all-inclusive package where all of our needs are met and everything is easy. It’s easier when you are a child, and you have endless free time. You don’t worry about your vacation because it’s already been taken care of by your parents, or just a camping trip with friends will do. But once you become an adult and realize that three to four weeks is all the vacation time you get, if you are lucky, then it becomes imperative to plan and get the best vacation. Then, it is important that you go to the beach, or visit museums, or do everything you always wanted to do. Often, you don’t realize that there are different types of vacations until you read about someone going on a gambling spree in Vegas, or a hiking trip in the mountains. For that reason, we have gathered the six types of vacation that everyone wants to do at least once.

The road or train trip

Road trip

With friends, or alone, going on a road trip by car or train can be an exhilarating experience, especially for young people. Another word for this kind of vacation is backpacking, since being in constant motion means you should only carry a backpack and carry the essentials – passport, wallet, and phone. Depending on how much time you can spare and the location you choose, you could spend weeks traveling from one town to the next. It’s also cheaper to travel by train and stay in hostels, which is what makes this type of vacation so attractive to students and young people who seek adventures. However, this does not mean that backpacking trips are not suitable for other people as well. You can land anywhere in Europe and go from Paris to London and other European cities, or you can get into your car and drive from one coastal city to the next in the USA or South America. Prepare for a lot of uncertainty and many unusual situations that require quick decision making, but most of all, prepare for adventure, and you are ready to go.

The high roller gambling escapade

High roller gambler playing no limit casino

Going on a gambling adventure is the kind of vacation that, unless you are incredibly wealthy, can be quite expensive. Not only will you need to pay for staying at a casino hotel, if you want to enjoy high roller gambling, but you also need to prepare to spend a lot of money. Although you can enjoy high roller gambling online as well, especially if you play no limit online slots.

Of course, the most famous destination in the world for a gambling vacation is Las Vegas. There is something there for everyone, from famous casinos and resorts on the Strip, to other, less glamorous hotels off-Strip and in Downtown Vegas, a place that is actually on the rise in popularity. What you might not be aware of, though, is that you don’t need to go to Vegas for a gambling escapade. Recently, Japan legalized land-based casinos in integrated resorts, and moreover, you can head over to Macau in Hong Kong and see all the attractions on offer.   

The mountain and beach vacations

Mountain relaxing vacation

We have grouped these two types of vacations – going to the beach or hiking in the mountains – because they are quite similar. You pack your bags and head over to a beach or a mountain resort and start from there. Depending on the location you have chosen, when it comes to a beach vacation, you can take boat rides to nearby islands, or you can explore the nearby cities. When it comes to a trip to the mountains, heading over to a resort is the best option. You can hike on mountain trails during the day and still enjoy the comfort of a hotel at night. Moreover, mountains can be treacherous, especially in winter, so staying at a hotel is the best way to ensure that whatever happens, you have back-up from the hotel or the agency that organized your holiday. This type of vacation is not as expensive as an escapade in Vegas, but it is also not as cheap as backpacking by a train. Still, as a type of vacation, everyone should experience it at least once, in both locations – the beach and the mountain.

The all-inclusive cruise

Ever dreamed of sailing on the ocean, or simply sail down a river? If you have, then you should consider making that dream come true. The most attractive aspect of a cruise ship vacation is that it encompasses all of the previous vacations in one. There are cruise ships suitable for everyone these days. Long voyages, for example, almost always include casinos where you can get entertainment, but, instead of being stationary, you are cruising from one destination to the next, and get to enjoy different destinations and cities. Daily excursions on land ensure that you get both beach time and mountain hikes while the ship is in port, and you get plenty of entertainment while out on the open sea.

The religious pilgrimage

And, at some point in life, when you feel that your busy lifestyle getting to you, and the opulence and relaxation of vacation will not help you relax, the time has come for a religious pilgrimage to a sacred location. Depending on your religion, there are many different pilgrimages to choose from, from doing the Hajj in Saudi Arabia to trekking to a sacred spot in Europe or South America.

Keep in mind that going on a religious pilgrimage can be physically daunting and that you need to prepare both your body and mind to be able to walk the path. When you go on a pilgrimage, you will spend your days walking under the sun or the rain, so you must prepare for the occasion. Moreover, you will not be sleeping in a hotel – in some cases, you might not even get a roof over your head, spending your nights under the stars in a sleeping bag. For that reason, avoid going on a pilgrimage by yourself – it might easily turn into a survival adventure. But, if you plan well, and if you take care of everything before leaving, you are bound to return re-energized and with a new perspective on life.