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How much does it cost to do the Hajj?

price to do hajj

The Hajj is the yearly religious pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the five pillars of the Islamic religion and every healthy Muslim who can afford it has to go at least once in his or her lifetime. The pilgrimage lasts five days, and it’s a reenactment of the Prophet Muhammad farewell pilgrimage that happened back in 632 AD.

Millions, if not billions, of Muslims, flock to Saudi Arabia every year to do the Hajj. Men, women, children, singles and families, save for years to be able to afford the Hajj. The pilgrimage is both a spiritual experience and a physical journey, which is why it is recommended that confirm that you are perfectly healthy and able to do the Hajj before you decide to go. Every person who does the Hajj is meant to be purified, absolved of sin and brought closer to God.

What the Hajj cost depends on?

The yearly pilgrimage begins on the eighth day of the lunar month of Dhu al-Hijjah in the Islamic calendar, and it lasts for five days, until the twelfth. In that period, prices of accommodation in Medina and Makkah and the other cities between skyrocket. For that reason, many families are unable to go together, with only one member of the household, usually a man, doing the Hajj due to the cost. Muslim women who are younger than 45 are not able to do the Hajj by themselves, but, they are allowed if they are older than 45.

The cost depends mainly on the service or agency that you are using to book your passage, as well as where you are coming from. The prices differ for pilgrims coming from the USA, the UK, India, Pakistan, and other countries. The locals also need to pay to do the Hajj. The packages most often include the following benefits:

-    Ground transportation

-    Medical support and insurance on site

-    A group leader and Muslim teacher to guide you

-    Accommodation in tents, hotels or furnished apartments

-    Food, soft drinks, water

-    An on-site medic

-    Other amenities

-    Global-ready cell phone (you might have to pay additional $100 for it)

-    Courses to prepare you for the experience

-    Ihrams and Hijabs for men and women

The price also depends on whether or not you are bringing your whole family. The package prices are for one person, and if you include your wife and kids, you will need to pay a lot more. For that reason, many Muslim families from all over the world save for years in order to be able to afford it.

The prices differ from year to year, and due to the great demand, the Saudi Arabian embassies in different countries make a draw to choose which applicants will be allowed to go. In addition, the package, depending on where you’re coming from, will not include the Hajj Fee of approximately $ 300 and the Zabihah Fee, approximately $ 150.

But, despite the cost, most programs and packages allow pilgrims to focus solely on the spiritual experience and not worry about anything else while they do the Hajj.

Cost of doing the Hajj in Saudi Arabia

According to the newest reports, found on, locals in Saudi Arabia will have to pay at least SAR 3,000 ($800). That’s the cheapest package, but there are more expensive ones that include accommodation benefits and other amenities. There are four other categories. The most expensive one costs SAR 11,890, and the pilgrims are accommodated in buildings in Mina. The first category costs about SAR 7,546 to 8,146, the second category costs SAR 7,295 to 7,895, and the third category costs SAR 5,893 to 6,493.

Cost of doing the Hajj in the UK

If you come from the UK and want to do the Hajj, you need to be prepared for the following expenses:

-    The package

-    The visa

-    The Hajj and Zabihah fee

The packages include return flights, which is why they cost upward of £3,700. However, that’s the cheapest package and quite rare to find. The prices for 2017 range from £4,550 to nearly £6,000. You can choose from several different packages that last from nine to nineteen days. If you choose the 9-day package, you will participate in the rituals of Hajj alone, and get a few days in Ibaadah in Mecca. The 12-day package includes three more days, and so does the 14-day package with the difference that it includes a visit to Madinah before Hajj. The most expensive 19-day package allows you to spend time in Mecca, Madinah, and five days in Mina. Compared to the other packages, this one is more expensive, but it allows for a more relaxing journey.

Cost of doing the Hajj in the USA

Similarly, depending on where you live in the USA, you can choose different agencies that offer different packages. However, you must remember to apply for your visa in time and to pay the additional Hajj and Zabihah fees.

Also, you can choose from different packages that include airfares, so once you decide, you don’t have to worry about transportation or accommodation. There are a few packages available. The prices for 2017 range from about $5,500 to $10,000 for the most expensive package. Once again, the prices are for only one person, so you need to be prepared to pay more if you are bringing your family with you.

The four different packages, economy, two silver, and premium differ in travel dates and accommodation. The economy package is the shortest, from August 24th to September 11th, while the first silver package is the longest, from August 16th to September 6th. The other two packages last sixteen days, but you get to stay at five-star hotels and, when in Mina, in private air-conditioned tents, instead of the North American Camps. 

Cost of doing the Hajj in India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan have different rules for the Hajj, and they are among the countries where the Saudi Arabian embassies have to do a draw to determine which of the applicants will be allowed to go. The draw is necessary because a lot of people apply from these countries every year.

The cost of the packages in Pakistan, India and other countries, is also determined each year separately.

If you are from India, there are different packages you can choose from. Your stay will range from 14 to 36 days, and the price ranges from Rs. 5,25,000 to 3,75,000 per person.

If you come from Pakistan, you will get a different price depending on whether you are from the north or the south. The average price for people coming from the north of Pakistan will be 255,271 rupees, and for the south, the price will be around 246,271 rupees.