Ministry of Hajj
Ministry of Hajj
Ministry of Hajj

Switzerland - Approved Hajj Travel Agents

Here are listed travel agents in this country currently approved by the Ministry of Hajj to apply for Hajj visas.

Because changes to the approval list can take time to come through the system, it is always advisable to check the credentials of the travel agent with your Saudi Arabian Embassy.


  • Ibac Travel GmbH, Forchstrasse 38, CH -8008, Zürich Tel: 0041448250121
  • L'Orientexpress, Rue d'Orbe 4, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains Tel: 0041244256061
  • Emen Travel Services, Rue de Vieux Moulin, 17213 Onex Geneve Tel: 0041795095987
  • Isvicre Islam Toplulu Tel: 004119321569
  • Albanisch-Islamische Gemeinschaft, Rautistrasse 58, 8048 Zürich Tel: 0041444928192
  • Jinene S.A, Route André-Piller 2, CH-1762 Givisiez, Suisse Tel: 0041264677086
  • Albanisch Islamischer Verband, Kronaustrasse 6, 8404 Winterthur / ZH, Switzerland Tel: 0041522333782
  • Fondation Culturelle Islamique, Chemin de Colladon 34, Case postale 437, CH - 1211 Genève 19 Tel: 0041227983711

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