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That Hajj and Umrah be the ultimate occasion in the way Allah Almighty has decreed for his servants;

That the Hajj and Umrah performed by every single Muslim be a comfortable experience, full of serenity, tranquility, security and safety, securing for each pilgrim the psychological tranquility that enables him or her to perform their worship in a quiet and undisturbed privacy.

That the arrival, sojourn and return of pilgrims and Umrah performers should be the easiest, simplest, most competent, most comfortable and shortest as well as least difficult procedures.

That efforts are made to promote communication among Muslims throughout the Hajj season and Umrah activity so that Muslims become well acquainted with the culture, concerns, hopes and visions of their fellow Muslims.

That the service establishments that are involved in providing the necessary services to pilgrims, Umrah performers and visitors to the Prophet's Mosque, constitute a major productive sector in the national economy system, that applies and indigenizes technologies and provides real and tangible employment and investment opportunities.

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