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Additional Technical Conditions Applicable to Air Carriers Operating Only Hajj Charter Flights

In addition to the above, an air carrier who has no regular flight operation to the Kingdom under any of the bilateral/commercial agreements and desires to operate Hajj flights should fulfill the following conditions:

5-a. Must submit a Bank Financial Guarantee (a letter of credit/LC) in favor of PCA, of a value equal to 25% of the total number of Hajj passengers multiplied by the official rate of a one-way ticket price as per IATA Tariff. Such a guarantee should be issued from a national bank in the Kingdom, provided that the guarantee coverage should be no less than (SR600,000). PCA has the right to deduct the due cost encountered from returning the Hajj passengers whom the carrier had failed to transport in fulfillment of its obligation, or to cover other due fines resulting from the operation. The remaining amount of the guarantee, if any, will be released thereafter. In the event that the operators adhere fully to commitments and obligations, the guarantee shall accordingly be released in full.

5-b. PCA may require a bank guarantee as per Para. 5-a, from airline operating regular flights on commercial basis, and committed violation at previous Hajj seasons.

5-c. The Bank Guarantee should have a validity of six months, and will take effect starting from the first Hajj flight operations from the 1st of Dul-Ghaddah 1426H (03 December 2005).

5-d. No entity other than the PCA has the right to deduct the due cost due to any contractual disputes arising between the contracting parties.

5-e. The operator must designate a local handling agent at Jeddah KAIA to assume the handling responsibility of flights during both inbound and outbound phases. The agent must maintain efficient labor and equipment to handle all flights at the specified times. Failure to do so will lead to penalty enforcement in accordance with Part (7-i) of the regulation.

5-f. Conduct the necessary coordination between the national carrier "Saudia Airlines" and operator in order to reach an agreement in respect of sharing of Hajj traffic operation on a 50/50 basis or on a unilateral base. A copy of this agreement must be filed to PCA for approval. Priority for carriage of Hajj traffic should be given to the national carrier of each state.