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Benefits of the System

The new Umrah System of Regulation has brought many benefits:

  • Mu'tamirs receive the agreed services for which the service provider has contracted. This has eliminated "living on the street" in the vicinity of the two Holy Mosques.
  • The competitive environment in which the service providers operate has generated a marked improvement in the services provided.
  • The process of issuing Umrah visas and associated procedures has been streamlined to meet the objective of welcoming 10 million mu'tamirs by the end of the fifth year of operation.
  • The system has facilitated visits by mu'tamirs to other Saudi cities, thus enhancing the Kingdom's tourism industry.
  • Those who are able can perform any number of Umrahs in the course of the year without restriction.
  • Transit passengers are granted 72 hour visas to enable them to perform Umrah. Because Umrah companies are obliged to ensure their customers leave the Kingdom when their "package" is completed, there has been a marked reduction in the number of "over-stayers".
  • Dedicated supervisory and administrative committees deal with any shortcomings, with the Ministry of Hajj providing any services on which the Umrah company has defaulted at the expense of the defaulting company.