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Heat Stroke

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A green land in a desert

Between March and August, the weather in Saudi Arabia is extremely hot. Temperatures can go up to 55 degrees centigrade. There is a serious risk of heat stroke. The signs and symptoms to look for are:

- Feeling of extreme heat

- Body temperature rising rapidly

- Feeling of drowsiness

- Unconsciousness

- Epileptic fits

What to do:

- Take the person into the shade

- Take their clothes off

- Spray body with cool water and fan it

- Get medical help urgently

How to avoid heat stroke:

- As far as possible, avoid direct heat from the sun

- Remain in the shade

- Go out during evenings and nights

- Keep your body cool by drinking plenty of water

- When you have to go out in the sun cover your body completely with clothes. Cover your head so that only your eyes and nose are exposed

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