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This rite of sacrifice is a reminder to Muslims of the sacrifice which the Prophet Ibrahim was prepared to make, the life of his son, to prove his fidelity and obedience to Allah.

Then, when (the son)
Reached (the age of)
(Serious) work with him,
He said: "O my son!
I see in vision
That I offer thee in sacrifice:
"O my father! Do
As thou art commanded:
Thou will find me,
If God so wills, one
Practicing patience and constancy!"

So when they had both
Submitted their wills (to God)
And he had laid him
Prostrate on his forehead
(For sacrifice),

We called out to him,
"O Abraham!

"Thou hast already fulfilled
The vision!" - thus indeed
Do we reward
Those who do right.

For this was obviously
A trial -
And We ransomed him
With a momentous sacrifice;

And We left (this blessing)
For him among generations
(To come) in later

"Peace and salutation
To Ibrahim!"

S 37: 102 - 109